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Recent publications

A triple-drug nanotherapy to target breast cancer cells, cancer stem cells and tumor vasculature

El-Sahli S, Hua K, Sulaiman A, Chambers J, Li L, Farah E, McGarry S, Liu D,  Zheng P, Lee S-H, Cui J, Ekker M, Cote M, Alain T, Li X, Costa VM, Wang L*Gadde S*

Cell Death & Disease 2021, 12, 8

 *Co-corresponding authors

Nanoparticles Loaded with Wnt and YAP/Mevalonate Inhibitors in Combination with Paclitaxel Stop the Growth of TNBC Patient-Derived Xenografts and Diminish Tumorigenesis

Sulaiman A, McGarry S, El-Sahli S, Li L, Chambers J, Phan A, Al-Kadi E, Kahiel Z, Farah E, Ji G, Lee SH, Inampudi KK, Alain T, Li X, Liu S, Han X, Zheng P, Liu Z, Gadde S*, Wang L*

Advanced Therapeutics 2020, 3, 2000123

 *Co-corresponding authors

Liposome imaging in optically cleared tissues

Syed AM, MacMillan P, Ngai J, Wilhelm S, Sindhwani S, Kingston BR, Wu JLY, Lin ZP, Kahiel Z, Gadde S, Chan WCW. 

Nano Letters 2020, 2, 1362

The entry of nanoparticles into solid tumours

Sindhwani S, Syed AM, Ngai J, Kingston BR, Maiorino L, Rothschild J, MacMillan P, Zhang Y, Unni N, Hoang T, Wu JL, Wilhelm S, Zilman A, Gadde S, Sulaiman A, Ouyang B, Lin Z, Wang L, Egeblad M, Chan WCW.

Nature Materials 2020, 1-10

Characterization of LXR-activating nanoparticle formulations in primary mouse macrophages

Tyler A, Kahil Z, Leblond N, Ghorbani P, Farah E, Cote M, Gadde S*, Fullerton M *.

Molecules 2019, 24, 3751

 *Co-corresponding authors

Co-targeting bulk tumor and CSCs in clinically translatable TNBC patient-derived xenografts via combination nanotherapy

Sulaiman A, McGarry S, El-Sahli S, Li L, Chambers J, Phan A, Côté M, Cron GO, Alain T, Le Y, Lee S-H, Liu S, Figeys D, Gadde S*, Wang L*.

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2019, 18, 1755

DOI: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-18-0873

*Co-corresponding authors

Delivery of microRNAs by chitosan nanoparticles to functionally alter macrophage cholesterol efflux in vitro and in vivo

Nguyen M, Wyatt H, Susser L, Geoffrion M, Rasheed A, Duchez A-C, Cottee ML,  Afolayan E, Farah E, Kahil Z, Cote M, Gadde S*, Rayner K*.

ACS Nano 2019, 13, 6491

*Co-corresponding authors

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